Suwannee River Outfitters & Lodge
729 Highway 441
Fargo, GA 31631

Barbecue Resturant

Of course, our team also doubles as a one stop shop for some of the most stunning and mouthwatering barbecue in the area! If you’re craving a smoky, savory, and sweet bomb of flavors to close out the night, look no further! We offer a jaw dropping selection of all of your barbecue favorites! From beautifully grilled chicken and deliciously marbled brisket to pulled pork with just the right mix of savory and tangy, our menu is one that caters to carnivores of all creeds!

Naturally, we wouldn’t boast about our complete package of barbecued flavors if we were lacking in the service department! Coming down to Suwannee River Outfitters & Lodge means receiving much more than an expertly prepared meal. Each and every one of our guests can look forward to wonderful service and a lively atmosphere sure to complement their night!